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Are You Sick Of Spinning Your Wheels Trying to Make Money On The Internet? Well, The Pain is Finally Over.. We've Packaged Up Our List of Secrets To Help You Become Successful in Making Money Online

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Message From the Wealthy Affiliates

Dear Friend,

Hi, our names are Kyle and Carson and we make money each and every day regardless of where we are or what we are doing.

How do we do this? Well, thanks to a thing called the "Internet" we have figured out a foolproof plan of how to make $1000's day. We even make money WHILE WE SLEEP!!

From the very first time we started sending website visitors to our websites we saw an opportunity that would take our Internet Marketing ventures to the next level.

We are really “kicking ourselves” now for not taking advantage of this technique when we first started marketing online 4 years ago. We have missed out on $1000’s because we were not aware of the potential that collecting visitor information can give a website.

Earlier This Year...

Earlier this year we did something so AMAZING that only took 30 minutes of work and we made over $5114. That is more than most people make in 2 months!!! We literally clicked a button and then...

Within The First Few Minutes we had Sales Rolling in. $47, $47, $67, $47, and on and on..

We are going to show you exactly how we did this. It does not take a rocket scientist to be able to do something like this. We have layed out the "step-by-step" strategies and techniques that you can use to achieve this level of success.

"Inside the List" is our BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESS. We packaged a "list" of all our secrets into a 110-page book, and are now delivering it to others online who want to make huge sums of money from it. We have performed hundreds of tests, read endless amounts of material, and implemented tons of crazy techniques. WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE and will provide all the tools you need to do so within the pages of "Inside the List"!

But Why Are We Giving Away
These Secrets?

We could hire a team of 1000 employees and still not be able to take advantage of all the opportunities our techniques create. The techniques that we provide can be applied to any industry, product, service, news topic, idea …basically anything that someone could type into a search engine.

Whether you already have an online business, an offline business, or are just starting out, if you do not have this information you are MISSING OUT.

We are aware of the amount of CRAP products out there. If we had $1 for every piece of crap ebook, forum, and article we have read, we would seriously be RICH just from this. We are sick of reading these, and you probably are too.

Just to put things into perspective for you, if you apply our techniques you will be able to run an AUTO-PILOT business that will allow you to:

  • Pay Your Mortgage Payment
  • Book a TWO WEEK Vacation Anywhere in the World
  • Buy a New Plasma TV
  • Take a Day Off and Still Make Money
  • Make a Car Payment

We achieve this kind of success EVERY DAY!

"We are giving away our FORMULA on how we generate our MASSIVE PROFITS"

It is time to stop worrying about how you are going to make a little money online.  We will show you how to make much more than "a little".  We know that $100+/day is possible and we also know that making $1000+/day is possible using these simple steps.

What Exactly Is Included?

We are going to teach you exactly how we send website traffic from the search engines like Google and Yahoo to your website. When visitors reach your website, you'll learn how to turn those people into an army of buyers. You don't even need a website because we provide you with website templates that you can modify. We've also included a BONUS ebook on how to build websites and how to set them up. You'll get this guide instantly upon purchasing Inside The List - Our list of online money making secrets!

If you've struggled before and have not been able to create profits online then you are not unlike many aspiring Internet Marketers. Our system will teach you the "Why" before the "How". We'll explain the background of our techniques and why they work. We'll let you decide for yourself which techniques you want to implement, where you want to use them, and how you want to build your business.

So how do you get this traffic to your website? We'll show you how. By utilizing our techniques for traffic generation you'll be able to bring people to your website that will be interested in purchasing products on your site.

What if you don't have a large budget? That's OK. We've also provided a great section on driving FREE traffic to your website. We've packaged up all of our secrets into a powerful list of money making tips, techniques, and strategies.

OK, Sounds Good, but Will I Benefit From These Strategies?

Inside The List will help both Beginners, and VERY Advanced Marketers. We make thousands of dollars online everyday using these techniques and we are in the top 1% of Internet Marketers. We lay everything out, exactly how we make money online. Whether you are a Complete Beginner or a Seasoned Marketer, Inside The List will teach you the necessary techniques to get you started and then take you to a very high level.

As long as you are willing to implement what we teach you, you'll be in a very powerful position. Inside The List is NOT for people who are looking to "Get Rich Quick". This is a Real Business opportunity that will take you time to implement. Think of this like any "Bonified" business plan, we're laying out a Blueprint to success but you need to be willing to implement the techniques. Our strategies will however, allow you to increase your success over time at an exponential rate. The more people that visit your website, the more opportunity you have to sell to them.

Attention All Affiliate Marketers with Internet Marketing Experience

We haven't left you out by any means. If you are already making money online, these techniques ARE going to take your business to another Level. We include techniques that we've used to increase our existing website profits by up to 500% - No Joke. We've also included two NICHE markets that you can promote using our techniques at a VERY high level. If you've got a website where you are already promoting affiliate products, you're going to be able to implement our techniques in literally minutes.

Why Should I
Take Your Advice?

You don't have to take our advice, but you may MISS THE BOAT.  If you are not interested in taking advantage of these techniques and strategies, someone else will, and they will make some serious coin off of our techniques.  We are in the top 1% off all Internet Marketers and continue to grow our businesses each and every day. We have over 7 years experience with Internet Marketing and we know the "in's and out's" of how to make money online.

Simply put, if you don't buy our book, we will not be offended. Making money isn't for everyone, and not everyone can do it.   It does take drive and dedication to succeed and in order to make "Inside the List" work for you, you have to "take action". Apply the "list" of techniques and you will make money...GUARANTEED!

Take Our Advice = Make Great Profits Online

Don't Take Our Advice = Don't Advance Your Skills & Earning Potential


You Are Moments Away From Discovering Our List of Internet Marketing Secrets

Wait...In addition, we are providing 8 Exclusive Bonuses within "Inside the List". Each one of these can make you $1000's/day online.

Bonus 1: 10 Hottest Markets

A reference guide that describes the 10 Hottest markets and how you can promote.

Bonus 2: Creating Incentives

Learn how to quickly create Killer incentives that you can give away.

Bonus 3: Promoting Pharmacies and Gambling

Learn how top affiliates earn over $1,000,000 per year by promoting Online Pharmacies and Casinos.

Bonus 4: Adsense

Learn how you can create supplemental income by using Adsense.

Bonus 5: Product Hype Revealed

Learn how you can effectively take advantage of Hype to make thousands of dollars.

Bonus 6: Killer Ad Writing Techniques

Take a look at EFFECTIVE Ad Writing Techniques that we use to blow away our competition in the world of Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Bonus 7: Creating Freeware

Learn how you can easily create your own freeware and create a VIRAL marketing campaign that will explode your exposure and profits.

What you learn in INSIDE THE LIST

will knock your socks off, but don't just take our word for it.

"Take Inside The List and an autoresponder and you have a powerful business in a box...with everything you need to generate income right from your PC.

I have been mastering PPC advertising for 2 years...I shudder to think of the thousands of dollars I have thrown away because I did not have Inside The List sooner...I want to thank you Kyle and Carson for putting together such a valuable resource!

I also want to say that you went way above and beyond the call of duty by leaking two very profitable niche markets...I have wanted to get into those markets for years and could not figure out how to do it. It was very unselfish of you to include your tricks of the trade...this will mean thousands of dollars of profit a year for me and my family.

Again I thank you and my family thanks you."

Travis Sago -

"Carson and Kyle - Great Job.

If there is one absolutely critical skill you must know to be successful online - building the list and email marketing is it.

Now, at last, "Inside the List" takes you step-by-simple-step from starting out, right through to advanced form and layout techniques.

Whether you are new to the game or an experienced marketer, you owe it to your financial future to get this book now...these techniques are absolutely guaranteed to make you thousands of dollars. Well done guys!"

Chris Lee -

"Thank you Kyle and Carson for this invaluable resource! E-mail marketing can be hugely profitable if you know what you are doing. It is definitely an area of my business I needed to improve on - and your guide gave me the tools to do just that. Your information is invaluable."

Holly Mann -

"Inside The List is hands-down the most comprehensive courses on email marketing I've ever seen.

Kyle & Carson lay it all out on the line -- and reveal the types of closely-guarded secrets that most marketers take years to learn.

As a seasoned email marketer, I was still able to discover gems in this book that are sure to launch my profits to a new level. And for those who are just getting started, I couldn't possibly recommend a better all-in-one guide.

I absolutely recommend this book for anyone looking to tap into the awesome potential of email marketing."

Joe Lloyd -

"I just finished reading Inside the List. All I can say is "WOW"!

Kyle & Carson, you have done a terrific job here. I wouldn't hesitate to call Inside the List the "email marketing missing manual". Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE doing any kind of email marketing should read this.

The explanations, the secret tips, the case studies, the bonuses... everything is top-notch, immediately usable information. Everything is laid out in a scientific-like approach. No theory here, just tried and tested killer marketing information, even with exact statistics.

I wish I had this guide when I started building my list and sending out my first broadcast emails! I can only imagine how much more money I would have made, had I known just some of the stuff I now know, thanks to reading Inside the List.

Even if you are a seasoned marketer, you will learn many things about email marketing you didn't know. I did, for sure. Just one of the tips from Inside the List can explode your email marketing revenue!"

Juan Pablo Cangas -

You are just moments away from getting IMMEDIATE ACCESS to over 120
jam-packed pages of online marketing techniques and strategies.

You are just moments away from expanding your knowledge and your profitability.  This is a decision that may change the way you think about Internet marketing.

You are just moments away from getting your hands on techniques that can make you HUGE PROFITS within any industry & for any product, without any previous experience

You are just moments away from BUILDING YOUR FUTURE!!!


So How Much?

We are not going to ask you to give us your life savings, nor are we going to ask you to make payments every month to get Immediate Access to the exact step-by-steps that we use to make tens of thousands of dollars each month.

We are also not going give you any ridiculous claims stating that you can simply read this book and make a fortune.  You can make a fortune, but you need to make your way through the book and make use of the techniques and strategies that we layout for you.  If you do this, you will obtain a very successful Internet marketing business.

So now it comes to price.  We obviously cannot give something away for free that we have shed blood, sweat, and tears over for the last year.  This book has taken hundreds of hours of tireless research, analysis, and we have spent $1000's testing new techniques so that you do not have to.  We've left NOTHING ON THE TABLE! We're offering you the information and STEP-BY-STEP actions that we use to make $30,000+ every month.  You can get all of this for:


Just $197


"Let's Look At Some Other Ways You
 Could Spend $67.00 Trying To Make Money Online"

  1. You could spend $67.00 to drive 100,000 people to your website through a bulk traffic scam

  2. You could spend $67.00 on an outdated ebook where the techniques have not been tested and may not work

  3. You could buy a small email list from an illegal and highly unethical company that is sharing other people's email addresses

  4. Or you could spend your money on one Vanilla latte at Starbucks for the next 20 days

The money that you earn from any of these offers
will most likely be $0!


Wait... Did We Mention that Your
Investment is ABSOLUTELY

You Are Covered By Kyle & Carson's
"Inside the List", Iron Clad 100% GUARANTEE

We are so confident in the product that we are offering you. If you order now we will give you a FULL 8-Week Money Back Guarantee. Read Our Book and Try the techniques out. If you are not able to see results and have tried our strategies and they have not worked for you, and the thousands of dollars worth of techniques do not work, we will give you your money back.

Kyle & Carson

We are so confident in our product that we can afford to offer this type of refund policy.  These techniques work and will work for you if you implement them by following the instructions within "Inside The List"


Seriously, what are you waiting for…

When You Order Right Now
You Will Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to "Inside the List" and all of the BONUSES within it!

Upon purchasing you will be sent to a page where you can download "Inside the List" in Adobe Acrobat Format INSTANTLY (even if it is 4am).  All transactions are your personal information are 100% secure through SSL technology.

Kyle & Carson
Inside the List Authors

PS: If you are not totally convinced that Inside The List will help take your Internet Marketing Profits to the next level, please sign up to our FREE 5-Day Course. We want you to give you a FREE 5-Day course that will explain exactly how we make money online, and how you can use our techniques to DRASTICALLY increase the amount of money that each and every website that you own generates.

We are not going to send you any "Hyped-up" sales letters. We just want to prove to you that you are not even close to your earning potential.

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